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Ultimate EHR Software Vendors List

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Everything is online these days, and patient medical records are no different. Digitization is changing the healthcare industry, making it easier to access patient data and provide high-quality care. This includes the use of electronic health records (EHRs), which are digital versions of patient records that can be accessed electronically by authorized users.

EHRs are a key part of healthcare IT today, offering a way to keep track of patient information, documentation, and list all changes made to the patient record over time. EHR software systems help a medical practice manage all its EHRs, which consist of huge amounts of data and can take a great deal of manpower to manage.

Which EHR Softwares Track Patient Record Changes?

A common question for those compiling an EHR systems list, is whether or not specific vendors track patient record changes. In accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), all EHR software systems must track and document changes to a patient's record, just as they would if they were paper records. All major EHR or EMR software is HIPAA-compliant in accordance with this law, which helps protect the privacy and rights of patients.

When choosing an EHR software provider you should always take a close look at their HIPAA standards. The vendors on this list are HIPAA-compliant and will document all changes made to a patient's record.

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Top EHR Systems List

Both patients and medical providers expect integrated use of electronic records, which is why choosing good EHR or EMR systems is so important. The importance of EMR systems means the impact of the experience of everyone in the healthcare ecosystem, so choosing the right vendor for your needs matters. Below you’ll find a list of the top EHR systems. 


Epic is one of the most-used EHR systems on the market, prioritizing interoperability and easy access across organizations. Epic is used by many large healthcare systems and was one of the first EHR providers with its founding in 1979. Epic offers dedicated modules for many healthcare settings including urgent care, lab, dental, cardiology, behavioral health, and many others. Epic is cloud-based, scalable, cost-effective, and seen as one of the best EHR software providers in the healthcare space.

Top reasons to use Epic EHR:

  • Trustworthy reputation

  • Range of features

  • Good for telehealth

  • Patient management flow

  • Interoperability

  • Efficient user interface

  • Patient portal

  • 3rd-party apps offer customization


Recently acquired by Oracle, Cerner is another major EHR software provider that many major institutions use. Cerner offers a cloud-based EHR system with comprehensive features as well as a focus on different specialties. The company has also been recognized as being an innovator and is committed to supporting healthcare providers of all sizes. They offer support and training services to help providers best utilize the EHR systems. 

Top reasons to use Cerner EHR:

  • Ease of use

  • Protects against HIPAA errors

  • Automatic transfer of chart data

  • Patient portal

  • Third-party app integration

  • Good support services


Meditech Expanse is a great option for both large and small providers and can evolve with the needs of a healthcare organization as it expands. Meditech offers flexible cloud-hosted options and prioritizes physician efficiency in its EHR systems. Meditech excels in acute care, patient management for community hospitals, and smaller healthcare systems. Meditech’s EHR improves patient care experiences and prioritizes the physician-patient relationship.

Top reasons to use Meditech:

  • Interactive web user experience

  • Organized user interface

  • Customization to improve efficiency

  • Helpful customer support online

  • Patient portal

  • Interoperability via Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs)


Allscripts has been a longstanding EHR platform since its start in 1986. Today it offers multiple platform options to meet a variety of healthcare needs, such as Sunrise, Paragon, Community Care, and TouchWorks. These offerings vary in cost and functionality to give practices flexibility and options in finding what best meets their needs. Allscripts includes cloud-based and mobile-first solutions to offer high-quality care and foster the physician-patient relationship. Allscripts is a favorite among community hospitals and small- and medium-sized practices. 

Top reasons to use Allscripts:

  • Ease of use for prescriptions

  • User-friendly design

  • Reputable vendor

  • Many offerings to meet varying needs

  • Streamlining of administrative tasks

  • Intuitive dashboard

  • Patient engagement platform


Offering a comprehensive suite of products and functions, Kareo is one of the most user-friendly EHR systems on the market. Kareo is a web-based system focused on billing and practice management. The software streamlines the process of insurance billing, scheduling patients, prescribing medication, and charting. Kareo is easy to set up and use and is well-suited for small practices and billing companies.

Top reasons to use Kareo:

  • User-friendly and intuitive 

  • Seamless experience across tasks

  • Practice management tools

  • Patient portal

  • Customizable data reporting

  • Efficient billing system

  • Integration with Kareo telehealth platform


eClinicalWorks is a comprehensive cloud-based EHR provider that excels at creating organized, streamlined workflows and care efficiency. This software is a leading option for ambulatory services and develops its own medical technology for many specialties including hospitals, mobile clinics, and surgical centers. A key offering is its revenue cycle management to aid in credentialing, patient insurance, collections, and analytics. Telehealth is also prioritized in the eClinicalWorks EHR, now more important than ever as telehealth has become more widely adopted. Ultimately, eClinicalWorks is focused on prioritizing the customer and what can best serve their needs.

Top reasons to use eClinicalWorks:

  • Telemedicine integration

  • Training support

  • Patient portal

  • Data streamlining

  • Revenue cycle management

  • Making workflows more efficient for patient and provider 

GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare is another great option on the market, under the well-renowned GE brand founded by Thomas Edison in 1892. Its EHR software, GE Centricity, is a cloud-based system known for streamlining clinical collaboration, scalability, and rapid data entry. Focusing on the quality of care for patients, GE Centricity allows medical practices to compare their outcomes with those of other similar providers both locally and nationally. 

Top reasons to use GE Healthcare:

  • Scalability with third-party medical interfaces

  • Efficiency in data entry

  • Prioritizes quality care with analytics dashboard

  • Patient portal

  • Collaboration tools

  • Customizable templates

Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion is another cloud-based EHR option, that is best for independent private practices. The system streamlines charting, billing management with partners, prescribing medication, and enables efficient collaboration. Practice Fusion is also a top-rated EHR system for ambulatory services. 

Top reasons to use Practice Fusion:

  • Tailored for small, independent practices 

  • Simple, intuitive navigation and organization

  • Patient portal

  • Customizable templates

  • Good support services

  • Advanced technology


athenahealth’s provides a cloud-based service focused on patient engagement, medical billing, care coordination and management, and revenue cycle management. This EHR is known for its excellent clinical management tools and documentation support, such as a hands-free option. It allows for easy coordination of care plans and patient management. athenahealth is a high-quality option but is more feasible for larger practices due to its higher costs.

Top reasons to use athenahealth:

  • Efficient and straightforward to use

  • Comprehensive for managing many areas of a practice

  • Integrated system from start to finish with a patient

  • Makes documentation easier for providers

  • Includes a mobile app


With more than 46 years of experience, NextGen Healthcare is a top EHR software for ambulatory care and specialty practices both large and small. NextGen offers clinical as well as financial management solutions. It is an integrated cloud-based software aimed at making health data communication easy and fostering patient satisfaction. A key part of the financial management offering is comprehensive revenue cycle management to help optimize finances. NextGen is a top pick for ambulatory practices, helping them increase clinical and financial success.

Top reasons to use NextGen:

  • Great for ambulatory services

  • Improves patient engagement

  • Decrease administrative burden 

  • Patient portal

  • Good training and support services

  • Data analytics offerings

  • Population health management and risk stratification

A Better Healthcare Software Choice

Capable Health

The options out there can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right healthcare software and systems for your business. 

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