We’re Capable.

The modern way to build digital health experiences.

Capable’s unified software platform empowers developer and product teams to build healthcare apps centered around the patient — with less code, money, and time.

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What is Capable?

About us

The easiest way to launch a healthcare app.

We’ve been there. As engineers, we’ve built and scaled healthcare brands from zero to $90 million in 2 years, and understand the pain of developing secure and engaging patient apps quickly and easily.

That’s why we started Capable. Our API and software includes everything you need to deliver a HIPAA-compliant, patient-facing experience. We take care of your backend, including authentication, onboarding quizzes, personalized care plans, secure messaging, and much much more.

At Capable, our vision is to create a world in which every person is capable of achieving their health goals.

Why Capable?

Build your healthcare app in a fraction of the time.

Before Capable

  • Build a compliant app in 18 months*
  • Pay $3.5 million* for development
  • Compliance and security headaches
  • Cobbled together third-party solutions
  • Disjointed patient experience
  • Same old clinical services

After Capable

  • Build a compliant app in 3 months
  • Pay a fraction of the cost
  • Compliance and security built in
  • Seamless API-first solutions
  • End-to-end patient engagement
  • Services for the modern lifestyle

* Average time and cost to build out a compliant healthcare app.

Capable Partners

We partner with a new wave of healthcare changemakers.

Personalized care is at the core of what we do. After finding previous technical implementations cumbersome to work with, we switched over to Capable to power important parts of our back-end. Their Dynamic Care Plan offers a complete solution for delivering care that’s tailored to our members’ sleep goals. Partnering with them is helping us launch and grow faster.
Alexander Gould, Deep (Sleep Health)
We are very excited to be partnering with Capable Health. We believe their platform will provide the right level of personalized experience for the Alloy member. Working with the entire Capable team so far has been fantastic. They are true partners and willing to create solutions that are the best for our members and our business.
Stacy Gordon, Alloy (Women’s Health)

Who we are for

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Build secure, HIPAA-compliant apps in a fraction of the time.

User authentication and role-based permissions control user access to sensitive data.

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Develop on our purpose-built engagement engine.

Use Capable to deliver an engaging app experience with personalized care plans, goals, and activities.

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Simplify your stack so you can focus on what matters.

API-first architecture makes it easy to spin up fast and plug into the rest of your stack.

Here are just a few things the Capable API can do:

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