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Simple, Safe & Effective Ozone Therapy Treatments That Range From 10 Minutes to 2 Hours Are Done In Our Local Offices to Help Provide the Body With Notable Healing Experiences. This Affordable Ozone Therapy Treatment Process Has Proven to be Very Helpful in Eliminating Various Body Aches & Pains Without Drugs! Ozone Therapy Has Also Proven to Strengthen the Immune System, Stimulate White Blood Cells, Prevent Infections, Destroy Fungi, Eliminate Bad Bacteria and Viruses. This is a Safe, Effective and Affordable Ozone Therapy That Helps With 100's of Diseases. Now Available to the People on the Central Coast of California.

How It Is Applied

Our qualified and well-trained personnel set up your individual Ozone therapy session in our comfortable offices. Through our knowledge, experience, and discussion with you, we analyze the best way to help your body with our Ozone therapy treatments. You sit and relax comfortably in a chair during your painless Ozone therapy session that usually ranges from 1 to 2 hours. Most sessions are around 1.5 hours depending on your needs.

How It Works

This is truly an effective and affordable therapy process that helps people regain good health. It has proven beneficial to provide all types of pain relief and helps the body to be more effective in doing its own healing. Ozone gas therapy is currently being used in many countries throughout the world. It is a treatment process whereby your body absorbs ozone gas (it is never inhaled!) which then is converted into "Ozonites" inside the mitochondria of the cell. These "Ozonites" then act as supercells inside the body to break down bad bacteria, viruses, and parasites. This process preconditions the body and helps it to become stronger and more efficient at getting and using more oxygen which is converted into energy and used by the body every day. Most people usually start to see and feel amazing results within 3 sessions or less.

Where You Can Get It

We are currently offering our services in San Luis Obispo, CA, Avila Beach, CA and Arroyo Grande CA. We are available Wednesday through Friday by appointment only. Costs per treatment are far less that traditional medical practice expenses and offers a faster healing approach for the body and has no side effects. (Side effects and unintended consequences are common to almost all pharmaceuticals.)

Ozone Background & History

Ozone Background & History

Ozone therapy and various treatments that use Ozone have been around from the early 1950's. Since that time the medical establishment has gradually replaced Ozone with a "chemical health", mentality, an approach, and mindset toward healing that has been pushed by the pharmaceutical industry. Today, many other countries outside of the USA have continued to use and evolve Ozone therapy to successfully treat over 100 different types of diseases. Experienced people and modern technology have become much better in utilizing innovative ways and aspects of science to develop processes that introduce Ozone into the body safely and effectively. The results of Ozone therapy on peoples health have been nothing short of amazing. It is a non-invasive process and it works to "precondition" the body for it to heal itself. Ozone therapy has a long history of remarkable success and today, even many progressive medical doctors in the USA are acknowledging that its benefits to the human body cannot be ignored. Even some progressive medical doctors have started to implement or recommend various forms of Ozone therapy.

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